Plus belle la vie : The reason for David Baiot (Djawad) leaves the series

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Exclusive – David Baiot on the night of the launch of the series “Here there” in a new parisian hotel, “the 3 Club” in Paris, on December 8, 2016. © Veeren/Bestimage

He goes on to new horizons.

It is not if the More beautiful life for Samia (played by Fabienne Carat). In the recent episodes, her lover Djawad (David Baiot) and his companion Jean-Paul Boher (Stéphane Hénon) were engaged in a struggle without thank you for the beautiful eyes of the young woman. Threats, blackmail… they went there not with the back of the spoon. But he had to have a winner and it seems that this is Jean-Paul.

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Plus belle la vie : Soon a new death at Mistral !

The viewers of France 3 have indeed discovered that Djawad left the Mistral. After having been wrongfully imprisoned by Ariane (Lola Marois) following a sting, he made the decision to walk away, once released by Boher. This is a professional opportunity that drove him to make that choice and he was not slow to announce it to Samia. Although sad, this last has accepted that it exits for some time.

The departure of Djawad has nothing to do with chance. His character has indeed made his suitcases as his interpreter to a different project. It has been chosen to join the series, Cain (for the 6th season) in which he will be a recurring character : the lieutenant Legrand.

It should, however, find his comrades of a More beautiful life in 2018.

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