Pointe-à-Callière will present an exhibition on “The Small Life” in 2018

Photo: Radio-Canada
“The Small Life” set a record for listening in 1995, a record to this day unsurpassed: 4 098 000 viewers were installed in front of their television for the episode “Réjean receives”.

The musée Pointe-à-Callière, in Montréal, will highlight to the end of the year the 25th anniversary of The Little Life, with an exhibition on the popular series of Claude Meunier.


The museum recalls that as the first broadcast, on October 16, 1993, the episode “The trip to Plattsburgh,” the universe wacky of The Small Life has charmed the people of quebec, while 1 590 000 viewers are glued to their screen.


The Little Life has even set a record for listening in 1995, a record to this day unsurpassed : 4 098 000 viewers were installed in front of their television for the episode ” Réjean receives “.


The exhibition will allow museum visitors to be transported into the colorful world of the family Paré, through the scenery of the original production. The exhibition will be presented from December 11, 2018.


Record number of visitors


The musée Pointe-à-Callière has also announced on Friday that it is hosting in 2017, a record number of visitors, 461 of 744.


This is the largest number of annual visitors since the museum opened in 1992, and an increase of 23 % compared to 2016.


In addition to holding several exhibitions and activities during the year, the museum has also carried out last year a campaign of archaeological excavations, which has helped make accessible one of the most important excavation sites in the country, the first parliament of United Canada (1844-1849) of which the remains are buried in the Old Montreal.


The results of the excavations have surpassed the expectations of the museum, both by the number of coins found, is 300 000, and by the nature and the historical importance of the objects discovered.


Queens of Egypt


The museum will propose this spring an exhibition called the Queens of Egypt, which will address the angle of female the a of civilizations the most famous in the history of humanity.


Presented in north american premiere in Montreal, the exhibition will be carried out by Pointe-à-Callière in collaboration with the egyptian museum of Turin.


The queens of Egypt will bring together a corpus of 350 objects, many of which are associated with queens legendary as Nefertari, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut. We will see monumental statues, frescoes, stelae, jewelry, a mummy, artifacts, funeral painted sarcophagi and a papyrus telling a coup attempt with Ramesses III. The exhibition will be presented from 10 April to 4 November 2018.