Poisoning Shawarma in Kiev: number of victims has risen to 37

Отравление шаурмой в Киеве: число пострадавших увеличилось до 37

In Kiev the number of victims after consuming Shawarma has increased to 37 people. Comments about this publication Korrespondent.net said the head of the Moscow Gospodarevskaya Oleg Ruban.

“The number of poisoned Shawarma has reached 37 people. Almost all of them were hospitalized with the diagnosis “acute intestinal infection”, – said Ruban.

During the inspection it was established that the Shawarma sold in kiosks near three metro stations “Obolon”, “Postal area” and “Darnitsa”. At the moment, these Kiosks are closed.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev poisoned with shaurma at least 30 people. The police of Kiev began investigation into the mass poisoning.

The national police jointly with the State service on safety of foodstuffs and consumer protection intend to take action against mobile Kiosks after the mass poisoning Shawarma in Kiev. It was reported that the stalls in which the victims bought Shawarma, function as a trade from hands in unspecified places, they are not registered as market operators and do not have any permission to work.

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