Poland is preparing a note of protest because of the destruction in Lviv monument

Польша готовит ноту протеста из-за разрушенного на Львовщине памятника

Poland is preparing a note of protest because of the destruction in Lviv monument
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Photo: screen grab from video

In Polish social networks rapidly discuss the incident, but to blame the Ukrainians are in no hurry.

On the night of 10 January in the now defunct village of Huta penyatskaya in the Lviv region vandals damaged a memorial erected in 2005 to the poles who perished at the hands of Nazi troops during the Second world war. Unknown persons blew up a memorial sign on which are carved the names of the victims, after which the fragments were painted blue-yellow and red-black.

Now on the scene working police officers, in conjunction with the bomb squad.

– Militiamen carry out Prime operational activities and find out exactly when and how was damaged the monument and of the persons involved, – have informed in a press-service of national police in the Lviv region. – The issue of opening of criminal proceedings. Anyone who has any information about the events, please contact Brody at the police Department by phone 102 or 096-517-90-70.

By the way, the video painted with nationalist symbolism of the monument appeared on YouTube. And in Poland have reacted to the news about the destruction of the monument to fallen poles. Polish diplomats are preparing to send a note to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, reports Gazeta Wyborcza.

– We know about this film. In the morning, the Consul sent a note to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, – he said later in the evening the Polish press Agency, the Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine Jan Inferno.

The poles themselves reacting in a Network on the news of the damaged monument. However, most of the inhabitants of Poland are accused of vandalism, not Ukrainians.

– It is incitement to hatred to the Ukrainians. And we know that only Russia can benefit from it, – wrote in Facebook Jan Zdechlak.

And some believe that this should have been expected, because in recent years in Poland at the hands of vandals often suffer Ukrainian monuments.

– And how much we had cases of vandalism against Ukrainian monuments and graves? No one wants to count? asks in social networks the user is Tomasz Adamek. Ukrainians do the same thing with the same methods.

Video: Ragul Lviv


In February 1944, in the Polish village of Huta penyatskaya (now Lviv region), Hitler’s troops destroyed all 172 house and killed all the inhabitants of the village – according to various estimates, from 500 to 800 people, together with women and children. Managed to save only one pole who managed to escape. This is the only eyewitness of the tragedy later told that the soldiers were in a German uniform and spoke German. However, in Polish literature promoted the thesis of the destruction of the Polish village of Huta penyatskaya a certain part of the Ukrainian division “Galicia”. However, according to researcher Andrew Bolanowski, at that time there was not in effect, none of the huts of the Galician division.