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After sitting notoriety in the segment of snowmobiles off-trail, Polaris has wanted to go further by offering fans a wider range of snowmobiles.

We asked the experts at Pro Performance, pinion, on the street, Boischatel and Saint-Raymond, we give four models as an example, to illustrate the offer of the american manufacturer.


Developed in great part to the province of Quebec at the following meetings with its dealers here, this snowmobile has everything to meet the expectations of people who want to have fun and work with the same machine.

“It is easy to handle, very useful for people who want to go to the cottage, work in the forest, without having to use a snowmobile is too heavy, which requires a lot of skills,” says William Gosselin, advisor to the sales.

“Very popular in Quebec, it also reaches the goals of an amateur who looks for a snowmobile practice, at a very affordable cost. Annually, we still lack of this model. The rear suspension is articulated. Of series, it comes with the trailer hitch, electric start, hand warmers and the heater inch. It is equipped with an air-cooled engine. “


Two years ago, the Titan had changed the data of the segment of the working machines. We test the model XC. “I believe that we have, with this model Titan XC, a snowmobile capable of offer as much performance in trails in a work situation,” says René Cyr, assistant director.

“It is equipped with the engine-the 800 Cleanfire has already proven to be successful, a rear suspension articulated, which greatly facilitates the maneuvering backwards. You can add a host of accessories for work, hiking, and modify it to install comfortably fit two passengers. The caterpillar of 155 inches, combined with the transmission very strong and maneuverable also well before that, in reverse, make this sled a very special model of its class. “

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Powerful trail, the model Indy XC can also deliver great performance off the trail.

For lovers of performance in trails, the Indy XC arrives at the head.

“This season, the company has equipped the new engine 850 Patriot. This sled is powerful, equipped with a caterpillar of 129 inches, with studs, 1.25 inch, elements that provide excellent traction, ” says René Cyr.

“She responds very well to the demands of the driver who wants to feel the thrill of a snowmobile sport. Enthusiasts who choose this model is reminiscent of the times when it was the rain and the good weather on the race track. This really is ideal for lovers of great performance. “


We could not discuss snowmobiles Polaris without putting in the value of its flagship model, the PRO-RMK. For present us, it is none other than William Gosselin, famous figure on the circuits of competition in off-trail.

“It is currently the snowmobile, the most sold in the world in the niche off-trail,” says William.

“She goes literally on the snow, much more than the other models. It fleet. It is equipped with a caterpillar that can offer of the studs 2.6 inches or 3 inches. This season, the company has decided to offer this model with the all-new engine 850 Patriot, who deserves to be known to amateurs. It is a linear motor, sweet. She is truly the champion of its category. “

Relay Alpine Club

To make this story of trials Polaris, we made it to the Relay of the Club de golf Alpine Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval. Open for two seasons, it is held by Daniel Parent and his or her team. It is located north of Quebec city, close to the mountains. This ensures great snow conditions at the beginning and end of the season. On-site, in addition to catering services, you will find two huge parking lots. They are accessible to park your car and trailer the time of your hike, at a very affordable cost. The relay provides access to the regions of Saguenay, Charlevoix, Québec city and Stoneham, the trail Trans-Québec 3 and the regional trails 304, and 369. They are maintained by the club of snowmobilers in the Back Country. For more information : (418) 825-3108.

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Security in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec(FCMQ) is associated with the Union des producteurs agricoles du Bas-Saint-Laurent and Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent, in order to carry out a campaign on the recovery and safety of the snowmobile trails of Bas-Saint-Laurent. This is an attempt to educate riders to respect private property and get them to have a responsible driving and safe on the trails of this region, which includes 1800 km. The volunteers of the 16 clubs in the region want to support snowmobilers. Several actions will be put forward, including a video that will be aired on different internet platforms and social media.