Police announced the suspect the man who attacked with fists on women in Odessa

Полиция объявила подозрение мужчине, который нападал с кулаками на женщин в Одессе

The man who attacked with fists on women in Odessa, announced the suspicion of committing a crime under article 125 of the criminal code of Ukraine. This was announced by adviser to the head of the police region Ruslan Forostyak on his page in Facebook.

According to him, the man was detained and taken to the seaside police Department in Odessa GU NP in the Odessa region.

The police established his personal data, was sent to compulsory medical examination and declared suspicion in Commission of crime under article 125 of the criminal code of Ukraine.

“After receiving examinations by the victims with the qualification of injuries can change accordingly to a more serious article,” wrote Forostyak.

Separately the issue of registration in the Unified register of pre-trial investigation proceedings on signs of the crime provided p. 1 item 296 UK of Ukraine (“Hooliganism”), the sanction under this article till 5 years of imprisonment.

As reported, on August 11 in the center of Odessa the man in a condition of narcotic intoxication was walking down the street and attacked with fists on bystanders.

“I stopped to look up a contact in your phone. A moment later, felt a sharp pain in the solar plexus. I bent in three deaths and only then realized that it was someone else’s shot. I sat down, closed my eyes and began to scream. I ran up to people, and in a moment I heard another woman screaming,” recalls one of the victims.

As noted by the local newspaper, at the hands of bully injured, at least six girls: one of them he hit an elbow to the face, another broke his nose. There is information that one of the victims is pregnant, her bully hit him in the stomach.

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