Police chase at 125 km/h on the avenue Laliberté

A police chase at high speed in a residential area of Rouyn-Noranda that ended in an arrest for possession of narcotics resulted in a sentence of 4 months imprisonment for 15 counts divided into 5 different folders.

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On 10 October at the Palace of justice of Rouyn-Noranda, judge Marc E. Grimard has condemned David Perreault-Married-to-120 days detention with a probation of 18 months.

A few moments ago, the 29-year old man, who was represented by mr Samuel Bérubé of Deus, had pleaded guilty to three counts of possession of a narcotic, a chief of armed assault, one count of assault, a head death threats, head of criminal harassment, a leader of dangerous driving, a head of hit-and-run, one count of obstruction of justice and five counts of breach of undertaking.

Crack, coke, speed and pot

As explained by the Crown prosecutor, Me Melanie Won, the most recent record took place in the night of 25 July 2017. The police had intercepted Perreault-Married at the wheel of his car because he was moving too fast. They then noticed 1,23 gram of cannabis in the vehicle.

“Instead of going out as he was asked, the accused has engaged and fled through the avenue Laliberté. After a short chase valued at 125 km/h, the accused has lost control of his vehicle in a cul-de-sac. It has therefore continued to walk for about 100 meters before being stopped. The excavation has also uncovered 0,99 gram of cocaine in three bags, as well as six tablets of methamphetamine, told Me Gained.

A few weeks previously, on June 18, 2017, Perreault-Marry had been intercepted in his vehicle during a police intervention. The agents had seized 0.58 a gram of crack cocaine, and 0.26 gram of cocaine.

Domestic Violence

Perreault-Marry has also admitted his guilt to counts of domestic violence occurred during a dispute on December 13, 2015 between him and his spouse, Carol-Anne Bérubé. This last was subsequently coaccusée with him in a folder that came later (see below).

“After that his wife had insulted him and had asked to stop the quarrel, the accused grabbed her by the throat for the sit force on a couch. The victim is then raised, but the accused grabbed her again to project it onto the couch, where he had taken a dozen shots. He then phoned the victim’s mother to tell him: “Just look for your daughter or I take it out in a bag of trash”” told Me Melanie Won.

The couple then separated, but Perreault-Marry would have multiplied the attempts to get in contact with his ex-spouse until 9 February 2016.

Story of jealousy in love

Subsequently, on July 17, 2016, Perreault-Marry found himself involved in a story of jealousy which led to the beating of Simon Trudel-Jobin. “One of the friends of the accused believed that his ex-spouse was dating Mr. Trudel-Jobin. They went to the fight. During the altercation, the accused had wounded the victim with fists and belt. Subsequently, he has intimidated a witness, in order that the latter not filed any complaint”, has described it to Me Won.

As Carol-Anne Bérubé was part of the people who had decided to take Simon Trudel-Jobin and David Perreault-Marry had no right to be in his presence or to communicate with it, chiefs of breach of undertaking have been filed against him. “It must be understood, however, that Ms. Bérubé was there of his own free will,” said Samuel Bérubé de Deus.

Dozens of speed per day

“The sentence of 120 days detention which we propose you a common agreement may seem lenient, but I draw your attention to the fact that my client had already initiated a therapy closed to resolve a serious problem of methamphetamine use, has launched Me Bérubé de Deus in the place of the judge Grimard. There is talk of dozens of pills per day. All of his records are also linked to this problem: when my customer consumes, he will lose the card and does not more control.”

The lawyer Perreault-Marry has also mentioned that he was a first-time sentence of detention for his client, in spite of its history, and that he had expressed a sincere wish to solve its problems once and for all. “His mother is also ready to take it back for a month on his release from prison to help them get back on their feet,” he said.

A clear message

Before accepting the suggestion common to both parties, the judge Marc E. Grimard wanted to send a clear message, not only to Perreault-Marry, but to all those who may find themselves in a situation similar to his own.

“I note that people who, like you, working in the drilling, mining, consume more drugs. It makes money and when you come back to town, we feast. You are not obliged to follow this slope. You have only 29 years old and you start hanging out a lot of history. There, you are made to crack. It is made serious. Think of your daughter”, he sermonized.

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