Police have detained 12 employees of Apple

Полиция задержала 12 сотрудников Apple

The network got a note to Apple employees, which discusses the problem of dissemination of their confidential data.

The note says that the company discovered 29 people – employees, contractors and partners in supply – which last year gave the press the forbidden information. 12 of them were arrested, according to comments.ua.

“Those who are “leaking” information that Apple did not just lose their jobs, according to Cupertino giant. In some cases they go to prison and face heavy fines for invading a network and the theft of trade secrets that are classified as Federal crimes.”

In the note, which was published in the internal blog, Apple is asking to keep your eyes open with journalists and bloggers.

“It may seem flattering that it was addressed to you, but it is important to remember that you are trying to cheat, continues the company. The success of these other individuals is measured by the receipt from you of the secrets of Apple and their publication”.

In this case, Apple says, the employee runs the risk of “losing everything”.

The company is trying to prevent leaks is not the first time. Last year, she held a briefing (which also leaked), in which executives talked about the hundreds of workers that in 2016 leaks from campus were more common than leakage from supply chains.

The case when Apple fired the engineer who showed the iPhone X your daughter.

“Leakage has an impact not only on those people who work on the project, writes Apple. – The “drain” of labour Apple has a bad effect on all employees who spent on creating Apple products years.”

Ends the note by the Vice-President of product marketing Greg Jovica.

“Everyone comes in the Apple for the best work of his life – work, which is important for what the company does together 135 thousand people, he said. – The best way to honor this contribution is not to “merge” information”.