Policemen who violate the law, accountability to draw

1392811784_1-vskswsz-300x218Primary duty of people in police uniform – to serve the law and stick to it. Those who crossed that line, have no place in law enforcement. Therefore, timely modernization of the Interior, police structure transformation in European law enforcement agency model.

Police – perhaps the only body that is so-called “self-cleaning” because it includes are units that monitor compliance with the law by members of the Interior. This control provides inspection personnel of the Human Resource and Internal Security.

To this end, staff data units constantly check compliance with the law and discipline police area. Without attention remains no offense committed by people in uniform.

This year, staff inspection of personnel in conjunction with internal security operatives found 10 police officers who led the vehicles while intoxicated. Each fact conducted an internal investigation, the materials were directed to the court for decision-making. All offenders released from the police.

Self-cleaning law enforcement continues, says management Ternopil police. Cleanliness in the ranks of law enforcement, flawless execution of their duties – the key to human trust and respect.

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