Polish border guards detained a Ukrainian illegal immigrant who was hiding in the river

Польские пограничники задержали украинца-нелегала, который прятался в реке

The Polish border service detained the citizen of Ukraine who tried to translate across the border three illegal immigrants. This was reported by “Polish radio”.

As stated by the representative of the Beskydy Department of a Border service of Poland Piotr Sakalai, Polish border guards have received from the Ukrainian colleagues about the information that was on the border arrested three persons of Asian descent who attempted to cross it illegally. Fourth, presumably the conductor of the group ran in the direction of Poland.

“During a search campaign using, in particular thermal imaging cameras and helicopters, were able to establish the place of crossing the border and to narrow the search down to the riverbed in the local river. After a couple of hour-long promotions, in particular using a pontoon, was detained a perpetrator of illegal crossing, which was hiding in the river under a small bridge,” said Sakalar.

It was later established that 48-the summer citizen of Ukraine, previously serving a prison sentence for attempting to illegally smuggle people across the border. He was transferred to the Ukrainian side for trial and punishment.

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