Political scientist: Russia withdraws from the Donbass, if the government in Ukraine does not go with her to compromise

Политолог: Россия не уйдет с Донбасса, если власть в Украине не пойдет с ней на компромисс

Russia withdraws from the Donbass under any sanctions if the authorities in Ukraine will not go with her on a compromise. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said the political analyst on international Affairs Oleg Voloshin.

“Power is clearly the mouth of his speakers said: “We do not want peace in the Donbas.” Not that they don’t, they know there’s a part of society that still lives with the illusion that we can tomorrow sit on the tank, to come, to drive out all Russians and mercenaries, accomplices of the Kremlin, who are there, to erect a Ukrainian flag and win. And only some “evil forces”, the oligarchs, bad West won’t allow it. And before the election, they are just afraid to tell people the truth, “or do we compromise, or war will be next.” There is no other way. No RF just from the Donbas will not go away, nor subject to any sanctions. Or we compromise and we are at it signed, the Minsk agreement, entered into force resolution of the UN security Council. This rules have precedence over any law, for which Parliament will vote”, – he said.

We will remind, earlier the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk said that if Kiev had adhered to the Minsk agreement as well as take a Pro – Western law- the conflict in the Donbas have long addresses.

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