Pornhub uses AI to tag his videos, and this is a problem

The Artificial Intelligence makes its way everywhere : in the smartphones, in the assistants in domestic work, the robots, and now in the pornographic sites. The giant Pornhub, one of the leaders in the sector, has announced that it has launched a program to better tag their videos : he appealed to an artificial intelligence that is able in particular to recognize the porn stars and sex positions.

Improve the tags on the videos should enhance the user experience of Pornhub. But the drifts are very easy to imagine and it may become a real problem.

All videos scanned in 2018

For the moment in a test phase, the tag of the videos by the artificial intelligence seems to be compelling : Pornhub announced that it intends to scan the entirety of the videos hosted on its site in 2018 then that, for the moment, the robot has scanned about 50,000 videos. In total, at the end of his work, he will be “watched” more than 5 million pornographic videos.

The objective of the robot is quite simple : thanks to its system of learning, it should be able to recognize the porn stars who participate in the action, thanks to the facial recognition, but also the sexual positions performed, and, probably, the various specificities of each video.

The work is time-consuming and will involve the visitors : they will be able to note the responses of the Artificial Intelligence, who will learn well from his mistakes and refine his knowledge.

A risk for the “amateurs” in the future ?

If the idea of tagg automatically a video is good and no doubt useful, the fact that Pornhub will stick presents a risk. The site is indeed known to have a large community of enthusiasts, these people who run pornographic videos without being a professional, just for fun (and to earn a little money also). But, above all, these people are doing it without the knowledge of their relatives most of the time.

The problem of the power of the IA is that it is possible that in the long term, especially with the information sharing arrangements between the sites on the Internet, the robot succeeds to make the link between an amateur actor and the identity of it, in an automatic way. Worst : the robot could even make the link between the identity of a person in a video that was filmed without his knowledge or who does not know that the video is on the Internet.

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