Poroshenko and Biden do not see Putin’s desire to engage in fair negotiations

President of Ukraine Poroshenko
President of Ukraine Poroshenko

President of Ukraine Poroshenko August 18 spoke by phone with Vice President Joe Biden discussed the situation in Ukraine. Both leaders reaffirmed their support for a diplomatic solution to the crisis in the Donbas and urged Russia to join the fair negotiations.
As the press service of the White House, Poroshenko noted that Ukrainian humanitarian aid already assigned to the Red Cross, but its safe passage to the territory controlled by Russian fighters, not yet guaranteed.
The two leaders also agreed that dopravlennya Russian military convoy across the state border into the territory of Ukraine and the continued transfer of Russian arms to militants is incompatible with any desire to improve the situation in eastern Ukraine.
Earlier it was reported last night in Berlin without success were quadrilateral talks between the heads of foreign ministries of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia.

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