Poroshenko demanded from law enforcement agencies to do everything possible to punish the murderers of Gandzyuk

Порошенко потребовал от правоохранителей сделать все возможное для наказания убийц Гандзюк

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko confirmed the death of the acting Manager of the Affairs of the Executive Committee of the Kherson city Council, counselor of the mayor of Kherson and activist Catherine Gandzyuk and demanded from militiamen speedy punishment of her killers. He stated this at the opening ceremony of the center of the Ukrainian community in Antalya OO “Ukrainian Fatherland”, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I was informed that activist Catherine Gandzyuk… she, unfortunately, died in the hospital… I want now to turn to the law enforcement authorities that everything possible was done in order to find the killer, to killer was punished, was in the dock”, he said.

This Poroshenko added that Ukrainian society is “to unite efforts and help law enforcement to ensure that evil was punished.”

Earlier in social networks there are reports of sudden death counselor of the mayor of Kherson and community activist Catherine Gandzyuk. According to the preliminary version, its demise hastened the breakage of the clot.

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