Poroshenko has declared another UAH 1.4 million in interest income from deposits in IIB

Порошенко задекларировал еще 1,4 млн грн процентного дохода от вкладов в МИБ

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has declared UAH 1.4 million in interest income from deposits in the International investment Bank. Declaration Poroshenko appeared in the Unified state register of declarations on September 12.

In a public Declaration stated income 620 238 thousand UAH 330 thousand UAH 793, 751 116 thousand UAH thousand UAH 194 584 97 292 thousand UAH. Thus, the head of state declared their income for total amount of 1 million 359 thousand 658 UAH.

According to the Unified state register of legal entities, individuals-entrepreneurs and community groups the ultimate beneficial owner of JSC “international investment Bank” is Poroshenko himself.

Recall, August 1, Poroshenko has declared UAH 1.3 million interest income from deposits in IIB. In April 2018, the Ukrainian President declared 994 thousand 480 UAH per cent of the deposits in the Bank: 577 659 thousand UAH 85 UAH 308 thousand and 108 thousand UAH 736. In January-March, Poroshenko declared 2 997,6 ths interest income from deposits in IIB.

According to the Declaration Poroshenko for 2017 his salary amounted to 336 thousand UAH, the income from alienation of securities and corporate rights – UAH 172 thousand, and interest (international investment Bank) – 15 million 795 thousand UAH 874. Of cash, the President declared that 21 thousand dollars. and 60 thousand UAH.

In addition, the President declared the Mercedes-Benz Vito 2010 release value of 441 thousand UAH in 2010 (the machine is in the enjoyment of his family). His wife declared Jaguar 2008 issue worth 454 646 thousand UAH.

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