Poroshenko instructed to enshrine in law a military salute Glory to Ukraine!, – Poltorak

Порошенко поручил закрепить в законодательстве воинское приветствие Слава Украине!, - Полторак

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed to prepare a bill that will be introduced in Ukraine new military salute “Glory to Ukraine!” and response “glory to the Heroes!”. This told defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“The President of Ukraine instructed to prepare amendments to the law of Ukraine, which approves the military regulations because it is defined in military regulations, how to greet. Such proposals are pending, and we hope that after the release of the break MPs will accept it as a whole”, – said the Poltorak.

It should be noted at the moment the law No. 548-XIV of the Charter of internal service of the APU involves greeting “Hello, comrades” and the answer is “Wish (wish) of health.”

According to the publication, Stepan Poltorak has called the government bill on the same subject “raw”.

According to him, the new draft law is almost ready. Legislative initiative will be the President of Ukraine.

The defense Minister also confirmed that during the parade to the independence Day on August 24 as the greetings of the military will use “Glory to Ukraine!” and “glory to the Heroes!”.

“During the parade we will show that it is more Ukrainian, more than ours”, – said the Poltorak.

We will remind, in February of 2018, the Cabinet registered a bill No. 7549, which involves changes in the Charter of internal service of the APU, in particular, the introduction of a new military greeting “Glory to Ukraine! – To heroes Slava!”.

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