Poroshenko: Moscow will not stop the world soccer Championships, wedding dances, and the gas flows in the gift

Порошенко: Москву не остановят мировые футбольные чемпионаты, свадебные танцы и газовые потоки в подарок

The Russian Federation will not stop the world soccer Championships, wedding dances, and the gas flows into the gift, instead, need international solidarity and isolation of the aggressor country. This opinion was expressed by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a meeting with heads of foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine. The broadcast led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I want to clearly point out that I have heard, Moscow is not going to stop the world soccer Championships, wedding dances and the gas flows to the present, Moscow will stop only effective international solidarity, sanctions, international isolation and provided us with lethal weapons,” – said Poroshenko.

He expressed the belief that “any concessions to the Kremlin without the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine in full is a direct defeat of international law and of democracy in front of the authoritarianism and militarism, it is an invitation to potential dictators to try to generate their fortune in devices the bloody dances on the bones of the innocent.”

Thus Poroshenko appealed to the carrying out in Russia of world football Championship, the visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the wedding of a Minister for foreign Affairs of Austria Karin Kneissl and their dance during the festival. In addition, we are talking about the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”.

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