Poroshenko: peace plan should include the withdrawal of all foreign troops

President of Ukraine Poroshenko
President of Ukraine Poroshenko

Ukraine is ready to support the initiative of the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbas, subject to certain conditions. In particular, the President insists on withdrawn foreign troops Poroshenko said in an interview with Angela Merkel. 
President of Ukraine Poroshenko during a telephone conversation with the federal kantslerkoyu Germany Angela Merkel discussed the further steps that are necessary to achieve peace in the east of Ukraine. This was reported on the official website of the Ukrainian state on Wednesday, September 3.
In general Poroshenko supported readiness of the Russian side to the joint action plan on peace settlement. He said that peace is necessary to determine the mutual obligation regime bilateral ceasefire, to its monitoring and verification by the OSCE to withdraw all foreign troops from the territory of Ukraine, to establish a buffer zone boundary and release all hostages and citizens of Ukraine illegally contained in.
President of Ukraine hopes that the proposal for ceasefire support all parties involved in the conflict in the Donbass. In addition, he expects that the joint action plan to resolve the situation will be the basis for consultation contact group will meet in Minsk, September 5.
Russian president Vladimir Putin earlier this day presented his plan to stabilize the situation in the east of Ukraine and expressed hope that the final agreement between Kyiv and separatists be achieved this week in Minsk.

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