Poroshenko requires Happy to change outdated bill on the anti-corruption court

Petro Poroshenko demanded from the Verkhovna Rada to remove from the agenda an outdated bill on anti-corruption courts. About this he wrote in Facebook.


According to the President of Ukraine, on 8 December will be a month since he proposed the deputies to speed up the procedure of creating the Highest anti-corruption court. The leader of Ukraine said that this was done for the desire to create the most positive environment for the adoption of the law about anti-corruption court, because the project is to be agreed at the stage of writing with different political forces. Poroshenko said about the validity of his proposal, promising to prepare and introduce a new bill, if it is not seen progress by lying.

In the autumn of Treasury service of Ukraine has confirmed that the money allegedly belonging to Viktor Yanukovych, was spent on grants associate Poroshenko. About 2 billion hryvnia officials have distributed for an article on financial support of agriculture.