Poroshenko said that Ukraine is a space power

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko considers Ukraine a country that for the past two decades confirms its position of “cosmic powers” and does so “successfully”. The corresponding statement Poroshenko posted on his official account on Facebook.


The Ukrainian leader wrote that twenty years ago was sent into space in Ukrainian cosmonaut Leonid Kadenyuk. He flew on the U.S. space Shuttle “Columbia”. Poroshenko called it a significant event for Independent Ukraine, and added that since Ukraine continues to be a space power and provides convincing evidence that she is worthy of this status.

The Ukrainian head of state added that the launch vehicles made in Ukraine, withdrawn into outer space foreign satellites around the world. In addition, Poroshenko has also represented his country as an active participant in international programs related to space exploration. Earlier, the Ukrainian leader spoke about the country as an aviation power.