Poroshenko said the number of dead soldiers in Donbass

Petro Poroshenko announced the number of dead soldiers of the APU in the Donbass. According to him, during the war, killing 2400 soldiers.


After watching the new movie of Ukrainian “Cyborgs”, Poroshenko said that the movie he liked. Director Akhtem Seitablaev he was awarded the order “For merits” the third degree.

Congratulating the people of Ukraine, the President said that the organizers have selected the correct day of the premiere of “Cyborg”. He claims the authorities managed to create one of the “strongest army” in Europe thanks to the joint efforts of the Ukrainian people. This Poroshenko said that the army had accumulated a lot of experience in training who had to pay the highest price, and about 2,400 soldiers died in the war.

Commenting on the film, the President announced that he was supposedly based on the exact material and made in collaboration with soldiers of the ATO. About the title picture, Poroshenko said that “cyborgs” can be considered synonymous with the fortitude and courage of the Ukrainian soldier.