Poroshenko signed a law on social and legal protection of soldiers

The law on social and legal protection of servicemen and their families signed Poroshenko. According to the document, while serving soldiers zarahovuvatymetsya to seniority, length of service, and public service under these conditions.

Families of soldiers who are serving, guaranteed payment of salaries, provided the military itself can not get them through participation in hostilities and operations. The procedure for the payment of salaries to family members of military personnel determines the Ministry of Defence and other central bodies of executive power.

Currently valid version of the document is dated June 8 this year, which includes changes that included adopted on 20 May by the Law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine concerning improvement of defense mobilization issues during mobilization” – like Hazeta.UA.

As we reported earlier, the government increased social protection soldiers who participate in the ATO, providing for the 205.787 million. In addition, relatives of those who died were from 1 January 2015 be paid 70% of their salaries.

Parliament also allowed to count towards pensionable service period for military service in times of crisis.

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