Poroshenko: We are going to cut the last node, which Russia is trying to bind to a

Порошенко: Мы намерены разрубить последний узел, которым Россия пытается привязать к себе

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he intends to cut the last node linking Ukraine with Russia – to make the Orthodox community independent from the Russian Church. And before that the head of state said that Evrosouz will not complete the project without Ukraine. He said this during his speech on the occasion of Independence Day. Online broadcast of the military parade leads 112.ua.

“Can’t be a free body, when the soul is in captivity. Even today, we hear and in Constantinople, in Moscow and in the Vatican. We are determined to cut the last node, which the Empire desperately trying to adhere to itself. We are determined to put an end to the unnatural and non-canonical stay a significant part of our Orthodox community in accordance with the Russian Church, which blesses Putin’s hybrid war against Ukraine”, – he said.

“Baptism came to us from Constantinople the mother Church and that Kiev broke the wide spaces of Eastern Europe. Ukrainian Christianity is more than thousand years of history. Now, when we recovered and defended national independence of Ukraine, there is no reason to among the other local Orthodox churches was not equal to their local Orthodox Church of Ukraine”, – said Poroshenko.

Recall that the span of military aviation on the occasion of the parade to the Independence Day of Ukraine was removed from the cockpit. Online broadcast of the parade holds 112.ua.

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