Porsche Finance Group was recognized as one of the best employers of Ukraine

the fight against corruption in Ukraine
the fight against corruption in Ukraine
In December 2014 Porsche Finance Group headed the list of best finance companies in the rating of best employers of Ukraine, compiled by daily business Capital.
According to research and information rating “Capital 500” – “Best employers of Ukraine” Porsche Finance Group became the best employer on the financial market and was rated 25th on the general list of nominees. This rating is not only the reflection of the quality of companies’ cooperation with their HR-brands, but also an indicator of where Ukrainians want to work and which criteria they use to choose the employer.
Based on the surveys of companies, students of higher educational establishments and experts each company was assigned a certain number of points, which determined its position in the rating. PFG scored so well due to corporate initiatives and anti-crisis programs.
“Life & Work Balance program of individual development is one of the aforementioned solutions. It consists of seminars, which are not connected with professional life of employees. For example, every staff member of the company, without prior coordination with his or her immediate supervisor, may attend up to five seminars, including: Work & Life Balance, Time management, workshops in rhetoric, art, acting skills, yoga”, commented Olessja Kosarjuk, head of HR and marketing department.
Social package and motivational programs of Porsche Finance Group are based on international standards of the Group, as well as on requirements of local market. Company’s management considers this model to be the most suitable one. For example, PFG, if compared to other companies, proposes higher wages. At the same time there is a strict corporate code of conduct, which is to be thoroughly observed by all employees of Porsche.
“Despite the fact, that during this tough period we are preparing for “better days”, our employees remain the most valuable assets of our company. We are committed to promote further development of personal qualities of PFG team members, while striving to become even stronger after this crisis”, says Josef Graf, CEO of the Porsche Finance Group.
The third rating project “Capital 500” – “Best employers of Ukraine” was divided into three stages. At the first stage the data for rating compilation was obtained from profiles which the editor’s office sent to all the largest enterprises of Ukraine, which were on the list of 500 biggest companies of Ukraine. These profiles included financial data as well as information on companies’ HR departments. The performance indicators of each company according to evaluated variables were measured through their consolidation with consideration of special coefficients.
At the second stage, the council of experts assessed Ukrainian companies on the following criteria: attractive wage and social package; carrier prospects; comfortable working environment; guarantees of long-term employment; life-work balance observance; successfulness of the company; appealing job duties; opportunities to participate in educational programs, trainings and traineeships; strong management; adherence to policy of socially responsible company.
At the third stage a survey was conducted among 750 students of three higher educational establishments: National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Finally, the list of 150 best employers of the country was drafted, which included companies providing current and potential employees with optimal conditions for effective work and professional development in Ukrainian business environment.
Information about the Company:
Porsche Finance Group is represented in Ukraine by the companies of Porsche Leasing Ukraine, Porsche Mobility and Porsche Insurance Agency. They are the property of Austrian Porsche Bank, which in its turn belongs to “Porsche Holding” (Volkswagen AG). In Ukraine Porsche Finance Group provides the following services to the clients of official dealers of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Porsche and MAN – financial operating leasing, crediting, fleet management services and acts as an intermediary in insuring vehicles purchased with financing or cash.

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