Porsche has released the first batch of Linden honey

The German company Porsche has released the first batch of honey called Turbienchen. It is noteworthy that bees collected it on the premises of the brand in Leipzig.


Today in the natural area of the Porsche automobile, which area is 40 Hectares, is home to around 1.5 million bees or 25 colonies. In may of this year, they produced about 400 kg of Linden honey. The product can be purchased at the shop located on site.

Note that in Germany bees protect Federal rules of species protection and the Federal law on nature protection. This situation is attributable to the substantial reduction of their population due to the use of pesticides in agriculture and the emergence of new bacteria and viruses. Thus bees are important from the point of view of biological diversity.

Project Porsche is aiming to increase the populations of these insects and is unique to the automotive industry. In addition to honey bees in the natural area of the plant colonies living European bison, Exmoor ponies and other animals, amphibians and birds.