Poster of Hogwarts: optical illusion with the cat conquered the network

Плакат из Хогвардса: оптическая иллюзия с котом покорила сеть

Video ad for the missing cat became extremely popular in the network, writes Columnist.

Due to the uneven surface of the garage on which it is pasted, and ingenuity of the operator it seems as if the pet turns his head and watches the man. This “movement” caused the people of the Association with the magical world of “Harry Potter”, where the paintings were alive.

“Probably escaped from Azkaban or something,” – said in the description.

The owners of the animal were asked to those who find him, to call back to receive the reward.

Video a day gained almost 300 thousand views. Users called a good optical illusion. Some even joked that in Russia the posters are looking for people.

“In Soviet Russia, missing posters looking for you,” “It’s a poster of Hogwarts.”