Potapov and Oleg Vinnik sang in the video for the song from the Comedy Skujene wedding

Потап и Олег Винник вместе спели в клипе на песню из комедии Скажене весілля

Rapper Potap together with Oleg Vinnik has released a music video for the song “Best day.” This song will be the soundtrack to the Ukrainian Comedy “Skujene wedding music”. The tape starts in theaters October 4.

Both artists also performed a cameo role in this tape. “After I saw the scene with Oleg in the film, immediately realized that being a Duo! We met, discussed it, and the next day cheerful, fun and “crazy” recorded the song in the Studio. In General, a unique situation when two different charismatic men meet on a film set: sing, dance and play musical instruments,” – said Potapov.

In the clip, the actors sing and dance in the background of the yellow van, which became the symbol of this Comedy. Also in the music video shows footage from the film itself. The author of the words and music of this song was made by Potap and video Director – Leonid Kolosovskiy.

“Skujene wedding” brings the viewer into the Ukrainian heartland. The Director of the local regional Museum Vasily Seredyuk preparing for the wedding of his daughter, who met my fiance while studying in France. However, Seredyuk and did not realize that the chosen girl was the black guy. When he finds out about this, trying to do everything to prevent the wedding.

Earlier, we published the first trailer for “Skazanego wedding music”. The main role in the film played by Nazar Zadniprovskiy, French actor Jimmy Vaughan-Vaughan and Pauline Vasilina.

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