Power destroys the intellectual potential of the country, Reasonable force

Власть уничтожает интеллектуальный потенциал страны,- Разумная сила

Changes in the education system of Ukraine never explained, neither for teachers nor pupils, nor their parents. The total effect of education reform is enormous harms to all stakeholders.

This was announced today during a press conference said the Deputy leader of the political party “Reasonable force” Anna Levchuk.

“Elimination of special schools, the reduction of subjects in the senior classes through exact and natural Sciences is, in fact, the path to the commercialization of high school and elite high school. In addition, all of this eventually leads to a catastrophic drop in the level of education of the population. The Ukrainian government likes to brag about the number of reforms, but for some reason silent about their quality. And judging by the results most of them say just about anything,” – said the politician.

In addition, the “Reasonable force” we are confident that further implementation of education reform in the form in which it is held today, will lead to the decrease in the level of education of the population and will accelerate the elimination of the middle class in Ukraine.

“The authorities in every way destroys what is left in Ukraine: medicine, industry, law enforcement system and education. Power forces people to leave Ukraine. Why? Yes because the less educated population will remain in the country, the easier it is for him to steal, the easier it will be to avoid punishment for all the crimes they have committed against the country and people. And education reform is one of the steps on the way to the complete devastation of the intellectual reserve of Ukraine. And this – the theft of the prospects we have in our state,” said Levchuk.

The only way out of the situation “Reasonable force” sees a complete change of government and stopping destructive reforms for the purpose of its qualitative transformation. The main objective of the educational reform should be “providing children with a quality education.”

We will remind, earlier in “Reasonable force” said that the government is doing everything possible so that young people emigrated EN masse from the Ukraine.

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