Premium smartphone LG Signature Edition turned out to be more expensive than iPhone X

Representatives of the South Korean company LG, apparently, does not agree with the public about the fact that iPhone X expensive device. The new flagship from the Koreans will be sold only on the domestic market. The circulation will be only three hundreds of devices.


It will cost those who wish to 2 million won, which is comparable to $ 1,800. For comparison, the iPhone X 256 gigabytes in Korea you can buy for $ 1490.
To get the new product from LG will be under the sub-brand Signature, which is exclusively designed for household appliances premium. Smartphones such a title will receive for the first time. A special attention is decided be given to the body of the gadget.

Back cover is made of zirconium and ceramic elements, which will significantly reduce the number of scratches. Also, the smartphone could be released with an engraved, which displays personal data of the owner.

Different from LG V30 technical stuffing will not. It’s all the same 6 gigabytes of RAM, up to 256GB of built-in storage as well as Android operating system 8.0 and support for wireless charging. LG does not lag behind the trends and is a 6-inch edge-to-edge OLED display and two main chambers.