Present to participants in the project the Candidate: Dmitry Sigov

Представляем участников проекта Кандидат: Дмитрий Сигов

Dmitry Sigov

  • 35 years;
  • the owner of IT-companies;
  • trained to be a translator, a specialist in business management;
  • married, one son.

* * *

“What would happen if an eccentric tycoon, disorderly Jock, naughty fat, boorish pseudointellectual and hardened adventurer will create a political party, and even pass in the Parliament? Get a bubbling cocktail of incredible adventures, not only in the meetings and debates in Parliament, but in the ski resort, hot air balloon, and even a desert island”. Sounds so abstract to the book “Parliament”, which is at leisure, wrote Dmitry Sigov, I. T., developer of several startups.

“It’s a humorous book, where in a satirical manner describes the life of the member: as he rests, he makes laws as he is out with friends. This is my hobby. So all the money from its sale go to charity,” says Dima.

By education he is a translator (French language). Also knows English and German. After graduating from University in Ukraine, studied in Canada then worked in different European countries.

Dima has more than eight years of experience in the IT industry. “I am the founder of several successful IT startups. My apps have been downloaded several million times around the world,” he says about himself. Dima creates mobile apps and games. And in his spare time writes books.

“Go into politics, to innovate, to develop high technology in Ukraine. I want a new, progressive people were in Parliament as much as possible. This is what I should go into politics,” he said.

He admits that he can work anywhere in the world, but still remains in Ukraine. “Because my family here is fine,” said Dima.

Dima is married and has eight-year-old son. His wife Irina admits that family is important to live in the Ukrainian culture, because their roots here and their future.

Watch the transformation of Dmitry whitefish in policy is possible on Sunday on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. The closest issue 2 September at 21:00.

“Candidate” is a socio-political reality show in which the characters will prove that you are worthy to sit in the Deputy chair, and the project will be unique training for a marathon. And the winner will receive a place in the top of the election list of the party “For life” in the next election to the Verkhovna Rada, as well as annual training at Stanford University. Leading reality show- Vadim Rabinovich, Nestor Shufrich, Anna Stepanets.

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