Present to participants in the project the Candidate: Mykola Ishchenko

Представляем участников проекта Кандидат: Николай Ищенко

Mykola Ishchenko

  • 27 years;
  • private entrepreneur, owner of online business;
  • the formation of a lawyer;
  • not married, no children.

* * *

When Mykola Ishchenko was a child, his family lived very poorly. “I grew up in a small village Vasilevka. We were very poor, not even something to eat. I already knew that so don’t want to live. It is necessary to work and succeed,” he recalls.

Nicholas eventually trained as a lawyer, he entered the graduate Department of criminal law National law University. Yaroslav the Wise, founded his business.

Maybe I’m not really versed in how to make sites, how to create content. But I have a team of around 30 people. I hired guys, who understand this, organized them properly, and they generate money for me”, – says Nikolay.

His business is e-Commerce. “I have an audience of more than a million people from different countries. I was able to create such a business, about which I dreamed,” he admits, adding that as a hobby he teaches at my University.

“I decided to go into politics now to help other guys like me, hot, ambitious, to raise the economy of our country. I understand small and medium entrepreneurs, what problems they have. I can help them. I’m tired of someone behind us makes decisions – how we live, how much we earn. I want to make these decisions, for the people” – sums up Nicholas.

Watch the transformation of Mykola Ishchenko in policy is possible on Sunday on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. The closest issue 2 September at 21:00.

“Candidate” is a socio-political reality show in which the characters will prove that you are worthy to sit in the Deputy chair, and the project will be unique training for a marathon. And the winner will receive a place in the top of the election list of the party “For life” in the next election to the Verkhovna Rada, as well as annual training at Stanford University. Leading reality show- Vadim Rabinovich, Nestor Shufrich, Anna Stepanets.

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