Presentation of electrocreaser I Jaguar-Pace will be held in March 2018

The company Jaguar has launched the final phase of road testing of the electrified crossover I-Pace. Model debuts 8 March 2018 at the Geneva motor show.


In a road test of the Jaguar I-Pace has involved not only the engineers of the brand, but I am an ordinary resident of California, Ann Voye, who asked the manufacturer capabilities electrocreaser. In particular, she asked whether there is enough of the model of the reserve to travel along the California coast.


Jaguar invited Mrs. Voye to verify this. The prototype I-Pace managed to overcome more than 320 kilometres on a single charge. The route started from sunset Boulevard, which is located in Los Angeles, the end point of Morro Bay County of San Luis Obispo.

Interestingly, improvised the expert group failed to exhaust the charge of the Jaguar I-Pace. Electrocreaser could safely continue the journey. It is worth Recalling that the prototype presented last year at the auto show in Los Angeles, reporting reserve model 500 kilometers. The series model will get in 2018.