Prevost encourages the next generation of sports

These are 10 athletes from Prévost who have received scholarships during the first Gala of excellence in young athletes, presented on the 8th of June.

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SCHOLARSHIPS. In his first edition of the Gala of excellence of the young athletes of Prévost, the City of Prévost has awarded 10 scholarships to 10 young rising stars of the sport Prevost. In total, 1 $ 700 was awarded to youth sports.

Young people from various sports disciplines such as alpine skiing, basketball, cross-country skiing, skiing, kicker, and gymnastics, earned a scholarship. “It is with immense pride that we have highlighted the exceptional efforts of young Prevost who perform in different sports,” noted Germain Richer, mayor Prevost.

With its Policy of support for athletes and performers, the City of Prévost wishes to recognize athletes who have distinguished themselves in order to promote the development of sport in these. “These are young people that allow a vitality within our community and who are models of determination for the other citizens, and we gratefully acknowledge their commitment to the sport,” said Jean-François Coulombe, deputy director of the Department of recreation, culture and community life in Prévost.

The winners are scholarships of$ 200 are Jacob Nicol (cross-country skiing), Ariane Forget (alpine skiing), Florence Delsame (ski bump) and Karelle Guay (basketball). Athletes in alpine skiing, Kelly-Ann Houde, Alizée Laperriere and Coralie Laperrière have all been awarded a scholarship of$ 150, as Macha Provencher (basketball), Antoine Nicol (cross-country skiing) and Mary-Lynn Briere (gymnastics). C. A. J.

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