Private French TV channel has acquired the series George Clooney’s catch-22

Частный французский телеканал приобрел сериал Джорджа Клуни Уловка 22

Private French TV channel Canal Plus has acquired the long-awaited mini-series George Clooney’s “catch-22” on the eponymous book by Joseph Heller.

According to Variety, the series consists of six episodes.

The film stars Kyle Chandler, Hugh Laurie, Christopher Abbott, Julie Ann emery.

The series will also be released on Hulu channels in USA, Sky Italia in Italy and the 4th channel in the UK.

The series “catch-22” based on the eponymous book by Joseph Heller, 1961, and tells of the service of military pilots of the USA in the last years of the Second world war. The protagonist of the story becomes captain John Yossarian, who is trying to impersonate crazy to avoid military service.

As previously reported, published trailer of the sci-Fi series “First” with Sean Penn.

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