Problem of Delta Bank

338-300x218Late last week, credit cards these financial institutions have ceased to operate in the retail network and ATMs of other banks. In the same Delta also stopped issuing funds now promised to do so only by appointment.

For funds of Ternopil have recorded in lists and hope that get their money somewhere within 2-4 weeks. Roughly in the middle-late January record those zholoshuvavsya on record in the last days.

However, the Finance Ministry said publication, pursuant to the request of the owner of the bank Nicholas Laguna, Delta Bank conducts a coordinated program of NBU capitalization to be implemented existing shareholders “Delta Bank” will increase capital and January 2015maye start payments to depositors, which ended terms of deposits.

According to Laguna, the bank will begin from 5 January payment of deposits on time and in full.

“We Cargill, which owns 29.39% stake in the bank, doing everything according to the agreement with the National Bank capitalization and liquidity of the bank. All questions will decide within two weeks, “- said the Lagoon.

First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Eugene Berezovsky said that the bank’s shareholders do not intend to change its ownership structure, and information about the possible nationalization of financial institutions called rumors.
“These negotiations with the Ministry of Finance are not kept,” – he said.
Restore the solvency of the bank will provide its shareholders, which will soon join the capital of “Delta Bank” 1.2 billion.

Representatives of the National Bank and the Fund Deposit Guarantee stress did not intend to impose a temporary administration or use other measures against “Delta Bank”, the owners of which are active to restore its solvency.

“If the NBU has given permission to the bank’s capitalization, it will work,” – said in DGF.

However, analysts believe that the end of the Christmas holidays significant changes will occur. This is due to the fact that the Catholic holidays in Europe and the USA, then New Year in Ukraine will hardly make it even technically owners of Delta bank and arrange to have all declared resources.

After the holidays it will depend on the behavior of investors, as the funds through which you intend to repay deposits are defaulted yet enough to reduce rush to withdrawal of funds from the Delta.

If the owners of the bank will be able to calm the panic, the situation is stabilized. If you can not, then the holders will be again the question of where to take the means to extend repayment of bank debt to customers.

However, experts expect that bank owners cope with the situation.

As long as there is no question about the nationalization of the bank. The reason is simple – the bank is among the largest in Ukraine by the number of attracted funds from the public and not only deposits but also by the number of serviced pension and other socially oriented cards. Neither the NBU, nor the Guarantee Fund no means by which they could now close this issue. So you find a compromise between the owners of the bank and regulator to further the bank’s strategy, partly this compromise has been achieved through the adoption Bank and approved by the NBU capitalization program.

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