Prosecutor: Manafort had a huge container of hidden money abroad

Прокурор: Манафорт имел огромный контейнер спрятанных денег за границей

The Prosecutor who is investigating the case of Paul Manafort said that the former political consultant to Viktor Yanukovich had a “huge container hidden money” abroad. Such a statement the court made a special assistant U.S. attorney Greg Andres, according to Reuters.

“It was not a tin of cookies. It was a huge container of hidden money in foreign Bank accounts,” he said.

It is noted that the millions of dollars the Manafort paid Pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine before he received a volunteer position in the presidential campaign, trump. According to the Prosecutor, Manafort hid the money in offshore Bank accounts and used them for purchases of more than $ 6 million in new York and Virginia. He was buying antique carpets and fancy clothes, including a jacket made of ostrich leather cost 15 thousand dollars, the report said.

Earlier, former chief of staff Donald trump by Paul Manafort declined to testify in court.

We will remind, the court over Manafort began in the United States on July 31. He is accused of money laundering and tax evasion for nearly 10 years of cooperation with the former leadership of Ukraine.

The consequence considers that for the work of a political consultant in Ukraine Manafort earned more than $ 60 million, but officially it has declared 14 million dollars. revenues for 2010-2014.

Earlier, the investigation team has presented more than 300 documents that reveal details of the cooperation of Manafort with the Party of regions and the Opposition bloc.

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