Prostate, the digital rectal examination is essential


Published the 15.11.2017 at 13: 00


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Specialists in diseases of the kidneys bladder prostate are called urologists. They often support sexual disorders. They are gathered in Paris for their annual congress, the AFU 2017. Why Doctor is live from the Palais des congrès to explain, comment on the main news. Today review of the situation…And first of all the prostate

Up to 50 years, we hear little or no talk about the prostate. It is a gland that is used in the composition of the semen. Unfortunately, after 50 years, it presents often a new growth spurt and then, it is the adenoma. If this disease does not endanger the life of the one who suffers from it, the situation of the prostate around the urethra causes a lot of problems due to the crushing of the pipe. The bladder empties poorly, and almost all the elderly men in the familiar symptoms : difficulty in urinating, the stream becomes low and end – it is far the time of the contest of adolescence. If we do nothing, the situation worsens : leak urinary tract, infection or, more seriously, blockage of the bladder which is then an absolute emergency.

It is estimated that over 8 million French over the age of 50, two million are one of the warning signs. This is the time when the consultation with the doctor is imperative and the reason of this world day tour to the screening using a simple test, the digital rectal examination.

The digital rectal examination, examination of reference

Certainly, a man still young, with for example, a sore throat may be surprised to find this review a little traumatic, but modesty, fatalism, the denial of aging may have later lead to adverse consequences, because if the medical treatment does not work, surgery is imperative.

The adenoma of the prostate should not be afraid because he never turns into cancer. This cancer is a different disease, a different prognosis, but the discovery of which is also done through digital rectal examination. Here again, the earlier the diagnosis the more the treatment is effective.

Then a board with more than 50 years. If your doctor does not propose to require this screening test is simple and free