Protect themselves against the seduction to work and the skids

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If you find the soul sister with the approach of Valentine’s day is the dream of many people, it is better to hold back to seduce awkwardly a work colleague or customers of the company.

This romance could cause the dismissal of the employee, as evidenced by these three stories real.

Flirting with customers

As a phrase of approach to address the client, a grocery clerk told them that they had beautiful buttocks, and confessed to have a soft spot for women experience.

It followed then in the various aisles to inquire about their phone number and offer them an invitation to dinner. To add, the employee was asking questions rather indiscreet like ” how’s it going in bed with your boyfriend ? “.

An adjudicator will maintain its dismissal because of this behavior it deems inappropriate, and moved, all the more that the customer service and courtesy are fundamental values for a supermarket.

Woo a colleague

A director of engineering project that falls in love with a skill within its team. Although, from the outset, she advised that she is in a relationship, an intimate relationship will eventually develop between the two for a few months.

Everything shifts when he finally understands that she does not want to go further. In the middle of the night, the director looks completely drunk at the home of the technician to speak to him. In vain. He leaves a voice message of bad taste and writes an anonymous email to your spouse to withdraw from their relationship in crude words, so that it will lodge a complaint of harassment with her employer.

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The court will confirm the dismissal, because even if the misconduct occurred primarily in the context of their personal relationship, they have had a detrimental impact on the work environment and constitute a serious fault on the part of an employee in a position of authority.

Obsessed with sex at work

Through the use of a deficient approach to charm a companion work, a server in a hotel was of obscene language such as ” you, tonight, you’ll sleep with me “.

In addition to him having already slammed the butt cheeks during a union meeting, he asked him to repeat, “show me your kit to 10 000 piasses” with reference to breast implants. On other occasions, he meowed looking at her and licking her in the neck while pretending to take it from her breasts.

To the adjudicator, the employer was right to impose a termination, as these words and gestures dishonorable, humiliating and disrespectful correspond to sexual harassment in the workplace.

The marriage of seduction and work is not a guarantee of happiness insured, and may even cause a divorce between the employee at fault and his employer.

To remember

♦ Simple and yet, if any of the gestures or words are inappropriate and unacceptable in society, they certainly have no place in the workplace.

♦ The psychological harassment or sexual is a very serious misconduct that could cause the immediate dismissal.

♦ Since January 1, 2019, the employer has the obligation to adopt a clear policy on harassment prevention and the treatment of complaints.