Protesters blocked two of the highway in the direction of Odessa due to the fact that the local authorities gave them land on lease

Angry citizens blocked the two routes in the direction of Odessa due to the fact that local authorities have leased their land. On a scene there has arrived police. On the road the stopper was formed in the direction of Odessa and Izmail.

“They say that they have the district administration has selected the units, and now they no longer belong to the people and district administration”, – said Vitaly Gradinar, a supporter of the political party “For life”.

According to protesters, they are already several years trying to regain their land, according to them – illegally taken.

“Received another refusal, quite new, we got it while on reception at the Chairman of regional state administration Musienko Denis, who did not understand the problem. We think that by abusing their power, he gave the people to exercise their right and again deliberately delaying and not giving the order to allow people to register for use of this land plot”, – said the lawyer Andrei Simchic.

Participants of the action demand from the regional authorities of permission for registration of land plots, on which they have legal rights.

“The courts gave us tape, for years, two for three years go through the courts and nothing can not understand, do not know what to do next,” says the victim Kulina Karapetova.

People hope that at least these protests will attract the attention of the authorities and contribute to the resolution of a problem situation.

Протестующие перекрыли две трассы в направлении Одессы из-за того, что местная власть передала их землю в аренду

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