PSA has no plans to stop car production in the UK

Not so long ago, the PSA Group acquired the brand Opel and its British twin Vauxhall, but in the network appeared rumors that the Alliance plans to curtail production of cars in the UK. Along with this, Carlos Tavares, CEO, Peugeot-Citroen, has assured that the production will continue as long as is financially profitable.


Carlos Tavares, CEO of PSA Group, while interacting with journalists said that the Vauxhall brand that sells and produces in the UK turned Opel cars, is expected to reach positive financial performance, what is needed to avoid plant closures and layoffs.

Mr. Tavares noted that the Vauxhall brand is quite important for the British, so the plant will be given a chance to make a good profit. The leader expressed confidence that talented Directors and employees of the British plant will be able to find a way out of a difficult financial situation with the support of the PSA.

It is noteworthy that representatives of trade unions supported Mr. Tavares and said it was ready to participate in joint work to increase sales and standardization of quality cars.