Published a new trailer of the last film Robert Redford the old man and the gun

Опубликован новый трейлер последнего фильма Роберта Редфорда Старик и ружье

In the network appeared the new trailer for the adventure drama “the old man and the gun.” This picture will be the last in the acting career of 82-year-old Robert Redford.

The film is based on the true story of an American Forrest Tucker, who robbed the banks. In addition, 17 times he escaped from prison. At the age of 78 years he again took up his favorite pastime, despite the fact that it had long pursued the young detective.

The company Redford on the set amounted to Casey Affleck (“Manchester by the sea”), Elizabeth moss (“the handmaid’s Tale”), Danny Glover (“Lethal weapon”) and Tom waits (“Seven psychopaths”). And the Director of the film was made by David Lowry (“the Ghost’s Story”, “Pete and the dragon”).

The American release of the film will start on September 28. Date of its release in Ukrainian cinemas are not reported.

The acting career of Robert Redford’s going on for 60 years. Over the years he starred in more than 45 films. The most famous of them – “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid” (1969), “the Great Gatsby” (1974), “All the President’s men” (1976). In addition, it took nine ribbons as a Director.

As previously reported, published trailer of the apocalyptic drama, “I think we’re alone now”.

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