Published the final trailer of the Ukrainian film Robot and the energy of the Universe

Опубликован финальный трейлер украинского фильма Бобот и энергия Вселенной

In the network appeared the final trailer of the fantastic movie “Robot and the energy of the Universe,” which will be released August 30. The video published on the Youtube channel of UFD, which is engaged in the rental of the picture.

According to the story, the Sun erupts with a powerful explosion that the Earth can disappear all electricity. To save humanity from this disaster can only be 12-year-old Vlad. He comes to the aid of animated transformer box Robot, which is the carrier of the Energy of the Universe.

“This is a film that every man should protect the earth at the place where it is, no matter who you’re a superhero or a guy from the scout camp,” explained the film’s Director, Maksym Ksionda.

Only on the creation of computer graphics for the tape worked for about hundreds of Ukrainian specialists. The film’s budget amounted to UAH 20 million, half of which is taken from the state budget.

The main role in the film played by Victor Grigoriev, Ivan Boroday, Igor Miroshnichenko and Vladimir Rasuk. The music for “Boboto” wrote the leader of the TNMK – bassoon (Oleg mykhailuta).

As previously reported, published trailer of Ukrainian Comedy “Noble hobo”, which will be released on September 27.

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