Purulent believes Novosibirsk the capital of the REP

Purulent believes Novosibirsk the capital of rap in Russia. He reported about it to the public, speaking at a concert in a jazz club “Truba”. Real name Vyacheslav Purulent Machnow, he is known to fans under different nicknames, one of them is Slava.


Pyo won the battle with rap artist!!, then getting more fans interested in his work. The soloist spoke to the inhabitants of Novosibirsk in a small club. He says he loves such places, because there is a unique atmosphere and a possible closer connection with the audience than at the concerts, which are held in large stadiums. Purulent performed their hits and entertained the audience with song “my Bunny” Philip Kirkorov, as the first singer on the national stage read love.

The rapper also advised people to go to the concert!! which will be held in Novosibirsk on November 15. Purulent spent on the stage an hour and in the remaining time, sold t-shirts with the logo “Anticip” – unions, where is the soloist. Purulent then signed autographs for the fans.