Putin to invade Ukraine may at any time – Obama in an interview with The New York Times

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama spoke with columnist The New York Times Thomas L. Friedman main problems of the modern world and gave strong response to criticism of its foreign policy.
In President Obama’s hair gray hair has increased in recent days, and, of course, is trying to manage foreign policy in a world of growing disorder that caused at least half of the gray. (The other half can claim the tea party) – writes Friedman – but after an hour spent with him in the White House, it is clear that the president picked experience over the last six years and is ready to give a decisive answer to all the critics of his foreign policy. ”
According to Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin “can intrude” in Ukraine at any time, despite the sanctions, and if that happens, “attempts to return to functional relations with Russia by the end of my presidential term will be much more difficult.”
President of the United States has paid considerable attention to the crisis between Iraq and Palestine activation Sunni militants in Iraq, the ongoing civil war in Syria and said that “to more deeply involve America in events in the Middle East field type only to the extent to which different local communities agree on an inclusive policy on the principle of “no winners – no losers.”
“Finally, the biggest threat to America, the only force that can actually weaken us – it ourselves,” – said Obama, explaining that the United States never fully realize their potential, while Democrats and Republicans “do not move to the same approach, which we demand that the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds and Israelis and Palestinians: no winners, no losers, work together. ”

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