Putin’s favorite actor urged all “fell” from Russia

Любимый актер Путина призвал всех "валить" из России

The infamous Russian actor Alexey Panin, who calls himself “your favorite actor Putin” called on all “fell” from Russia.

So the actor has responded to the initiative of the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who suggested in disputes between parents over custody to transfer child to another family, says the Russian TV channel “360”.

Panin said that such a law would never accept, and stressed that he was not interested in anything that is happening in Russia.

“I’m not interested, he says Zhirinovsky. Not interested in what is happening in the Duma. I’m not interested in what is happening in this country,” — said the actor.

According to him, “in this country nothing will ever change”. However, he added that he is more concerned that Russia’s “people die when we hold the world Championships”.

Finally, Panin has given advice to the Russians: “If they want at least a little to live as people, let them sell all they have and bring down this country”.