Putin’s “humkonvoy” began moving through the territory of Ukraine – Foreign Ministry

humanitarian convoy
humanitarian convoy

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia has decided to act and humanitarian convoy began moving through the territory of Ukraine.
“The situation with endless artificial bongs decision on the start of delivery of Russian humanitarian aid to areas of south-east Ukraine became intolerant”, – said Russian dipvedomstva.
Column humanitarian relief starts to move in the direction of Lugansk, said in a statement.
As noted in the Foreign Ministry, Moscow is ready to escort the convoy at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and “to their participation in the distribution of aid.”
“Reiterate: all necessary security guarantees passage of humanitarian convoys given. ICRC In the presence of such guarantees was officially recognized. Route of delivery are known and proven mission of the ICRC. Papers. Loads long available for inspection by Ukrainian border guards and customs officers, a week staying at the checkpoint” Donetsk “in the Rostov region. know about it and in the capital, where constantly demonstrate” heightened concern “the situation on the Ukrainian southeast. Nomination of new artificial needs and prepositions has become humiliating,” – said the Foreign Ministry.
“Warn against any attempt to disrupt a purely humanitarian mission, which was prepared long ago, in an atmosphere of complete transparency and cooperation with the Ukrainian side and the ICRC. Responsibility for the consequences of provocation against humanitarian convoys entirely fall on those who are willing to continue to bring human fate to sacrifice their ambitions and geopolitical designs, in flagrant violation of the rules and principles of international humanitarian law “, – stressed the Russian diplomats.

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