QS in the embarrassment on the Venezuela

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The statement

Québec solidaire has denied Thursday that the national Assembly recognize Juan Guaido as acting president of Venezuela, who opposed the authoritarian regime socialist Nicolas Maduro. However, Mr. Guaido has been recognized by a quarantine of the country to organize free elections.

“Why is it that we would begin to go intervene in the internal politics of another country ? We seek a negotiated solution as the secretary-general of the united nations “, explained in an interview with QUB radio the mp solidarity Alexandre Leduc.

In the morning, the parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire (QS), Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, was dismissed out of hand the idea of “pull up behind Justin Trudeau, and Donald Trump” by legitimizing the presence of the power of Juan Guaido.

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The facts

Québec solidaire can assert that he does not intervene on issues pertaining to the internal politics of other countries.

Since 2008, the members of QS have taken a position 12 times to the national Assembly on such issues.

Of these interventions, six are attributed to the ex-mna Amir Khadir, who has expressed his opinion on issues that are very varied and international.

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In June 2011, Mr. Khadir has requested, inter alia, that ” the national Assembly of Quebec calls on the government of Zimbabwe to respect the right […] to demonstrate peacefully “.

The interventions of Québec solidaire, have affected the situation of Catalonia, the Congo, Burkina Faso, Ukraine, Iraq, Mexico, Iran, Zimbabwe, and Libya.

The last example returns to Andres Fontecilla, who, on the occasion of its first statement in December last year, has demanded ” that the government of chile undertakes to put an end to [the] police raids massive mapuche communities, as they violate their fundamental rights and are responsible for the persecution and criminalization of indigenous peoples “.