Quebec agrees with Ottawa on health funding

The Government of Quebec has an agreement with Ottawa for health funding. This agreement will allow Quebec to obtain a sum of $ 2.5 billion over a period of 10 years.
In announcing the agreement with Ottawa, Quebec stressed Friday morning that “these funds are the subject of an asymmetric agreement”. The province can invest the money as it sees fit, according to its priorities. The Quebec government press release, however, points out that mental health and home care are priorities in these priorities.
These are the two sectors that the federal government has identified for an additional $ 11 billion for the provinces and territories in 10 years.
Since 2004, Québec has been able to count on this “asymmetric federalism” that prevents it from complying with the same conditions as other provinces when Ottawa funds a program.
In addition, provincial and federal sources suggest that Ottawa has also reached an agreement with Ontario on health transfers.
Since the deadlock in December, after a meeting of the country’s health ministers, the federal government has been working to negotiate with one province and one territory at a time.
Alberta and Manitoba remain in what was presented as a common front opposing the Ottawa offer.

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