Quebec City 15 th best employer in Canada

(Quebec) The many struggles of the last few years between the City of Québec and its workers are unlikely to have left too many marks. The municipality surprises, slipping to 15 th among the best employers in the country, according to the magazine Forbes , just behind Laval University.

Quebec shares the top 20 of the charts in 2017 unveiled Wednesday with the City of Calgary, arriving in 13 th place. The cities of Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal respectively the 54 th , 56 th and 168 th positions.

“We are delighted by this recognition by the magazine Forbes , and it shows that the measures introduced to improve the management, performance and services offered by the City have a positive and rewarding to employees that make us proud and that The population, “declared the Mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, in a statement. “The quality of the public services offered by the City of Québec is recognized every year by citizens. This ranking of the magazine Forbes confirms the competence and efficiency of employees, “he says.

It was Queen’s University in Ontario that won the best Canadian boss. The school, which had finished 17 th rank in 2016, was given a rating of 9.18 out of 10. The podium is completed by Nav Canada, a non-profit corporation responsible for the control of Canadian air traffic , And Toronto Hydro, an electricity distribution company. Both won 9.11 points out of 10. Last year, BC Hydro won the honors.

Laval University

In addition to Queen’s University, Western University (12) also headed Université Laval. The latter has declined by four steps compared to the 2016 vintage. It remains nevertheless in a very enviable position.

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“Université Laval is proud to be among the best employers in Canada,” said the Sun email spokesperson Andrée-Anne Stewart, adding that distinguishes itself among other “location accessible walking, Cycling and public transport, for its conditions of employment, such as the work-life balance program and its values ​​of sustainable development, respect and openness to the world “.

For corporations and government agencies have niche in the Quebec City region, CAA-Quebec (45), Revenue Quebec (76) The Capital (85) and Simons (96) ranked in the top 100.

8,000 workers surveyed

In order to establish the best employers in Canada, Forbes asked 8,000 Canadian workers working for companies or institutions with more than 500 employees, governments and not-for-profit organizations to rank their business on a scale of 1 To 10. Participants, surveyed anonymously and without the intervention of their boss, had to say, among other things, whether they would recommend their employer to their loved ones. Respondents also had to target good and bad players in their areas of business and other industries.

In total, the survey was conducted among 25 industries. For palmares:

Some other positions in the charts
4 e Google
6 th Ubisoft
8 e MEC
23 e Hydro-Québec
124 e Jean Coutu
125 e RONA
134 E Industrial Alliance
145 e Loto-Québec
157 E Government of Quebec
172 E Desjardins