Rabinovich: For life proposes to build independent and non-aligned Ukraine by type in Switzerland, with the priority of economic freedoms

Рабинович: За життя предлагает строить независимую и внеблоковую Украину по типу Швейцарии, с приоритетом экономических свобод

Ukraine needs a referendum to decide which country to build. Given the geographic location, the party “For life” offers to build neutral, independent, non-aligned Ukraine by type in Switzerland, with the priority of economic freedoms and new technologies. This statement was made by MP and the leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich in live TV channel NewsOne.

“Switzerland due to the geographical position and well chosen course has become the most prosperous country in the world. Our situation is even better, because Ukraine is located between East and West, we have a huge transit potential, the ability to store money and those and others”, – he stressed.

“In the end, this earth as we do, anywhere in the world! We have in the country great wealth, and we run the world with an outstretched hand, driven to us foreign rogues and cut down their own forest”, — stated the politician.

According to the leader of the party “For life”, the proper policy would be to use this economic advantage, “but, unfortunately, we do not use”.

“Moreover, our government has managed to do so, that the famous “silk road” bypassed our country. Our pseudo promised us he would stop the “Nord stream – 2″, and as a result, Germany has already started the construction of its part of the highway. We miss all the possibilities! The government today is losing our greatest national asset – the gas transportation system, which will soon no one will need for alternative routes of gas supplies from Russia to Europe. Maintenance today costs us 3 billion, this means that the state is obliged to make to the CTA not less this amount, so as not to incur losses! Today the power goes out and soon service will not be able to earn,” — said the MP.

The politician is sure that a fitting response to the actions of the current leadership of Ukraine will build the Ukrainian state in the Swiss style – neutral, non-aligned, Bank of a country with high purchasing power of citizens.

“We propose to build a country on the Swiss type, because we need a neutral country to stop the war, non-aligned, so that we do not become the “Apple of discord” in the geopolitical arena, and because we have a chance to be a banking country for the storage of the Western and Eastern capitals. I fall asleep and see this Ukraine, because I know that we are to build a country need a little kick bawlers economic fools and bring order!” — summed up Vadym Rabinovich.

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